How to Take Care of Amber Jewelry and Carvings

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How to Take Care of Amber

Amber embodies both a delicate and rich presence. This treasured gem, nearly as ancient as Life itself, often gets passed from generation to generation. As with all valuable and cherished belongings, appropriate measures are needed to take care of amber. When cared for properly, its natural beauty and radiance will endure for years.

Amber is a relatively soft and fragile organic gem, registering between 2-3 on the Mohs’ scale. It requires some special attention to remain in optimal condition.

Here is a practical guide of what to do, and what not to do, to take care of your amber.

Keep it Clean and Shiny…

One of the first things to know in order to take care of amber is to do regular cleaning and polishing.  This will keep the natural luster shiny and glowing.

To clean your amber, all you will need is some mild soap, warm water, and a clean microfiber or flannel cloth.

In a glass or ceramic bowl put a few drops (no more than a few drops!) of a mild liquid soap in lukewarm (not hot!) water. We recommend Dr. Bronner’s Organic Pure-Castile Liquid Soap.  Dip a soft cloth of microfiber or flannel into the lightly soaped water and wring out. You want to use a damp cloth, not wet. Gently rub the surface of the amber and dry right away with a clean microfiber or flannel cloth.

After drying your amber use natural olive oil to give it a nice shine. Just put a drop or two on your hands and gently rub onto the amber.

To clean amber jewelry with silver, first use a silver polishing cloth on the silver and then clean the amber as recommended.

*Do not use detergents or harsh chemicals because it may result in adulterating the amber. Likewise, avoid using steamers or ultrasonic devices for the same reason.

*Do not let the amber air dry. It may leave the surface cloudy or blemished.

*Always apply perfumes, hairspray, deodorants, before putting on your amber. These hygienic and cosmetic products can dull the polish or interact poorly with the amber, leaving a white or cloudy coating, and/or smudges.

Keep it Safely Stored…

To take care of amber, regular cleaning and polishing isn’t enough.  It also involves storing your amber safely.

Store amber jewelry safely in it’s own box

Give amber its own special jewelry box or soft, cozy cloth bags to live in.  Storing amber mixed in with other jewelry and precious metals runs the risk of scratching it, so keep your amber jewelry separate and in a closed, dark space at a moderate temperature when not on your body.

*Do not leave amber sitting in direct sunlight and avoid extreme temperatures. Amber responds to temperature and should not get too hot or too cold. Do not wear your amber out in the hot sun or freezing cold for an extended period of time. Instead, remove it and place in a soft cloth to keep it safe from the elements and from getting scratched.

Keep it Intact…

Caring for amber is essential to protect it from damage.  Amber is breakable and prone to scratches, cracking, chipping, and knicks, therefore, do not wear your amber during strenuous activities such as yard work, sports, etc., as well as cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

Keep Wearing It…

Amber has many healing and protective qualities. Resin is protective by nature so amber makes a great ‘stone’ of protection. In southern Mexico and Central America local Mayans continue to wear it to ward off the evil eye. It is said that amber brings good luck and romance. It is capable of drawing out and clearing bad energy while promoting a cheerful, sunny outlook. Warming and calming and said to encourage patience, amber aids in purifying and cleansing the body, mind, and spirit. Amber is also a stone of manifestation, helping to bring thoughts, dreams, and ideas into reality. It carries the ancient wisdom, life force, and blessings of Mother Earth and the natural world.

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