Carlos Preciat – Master Sculptor

Carlos Preciat is one of the world’s most renowned artists in the fantastic realm of amber art. Carlos has a long history in the art world with a multidisciplinary artistic education spanning multiple countries. With his education and artistic practice in Mexico and France he has honed his skills to the difficult and highly talented world of amber carving. Carlos has won the highly decorated Chiapas state Amber Expo Sculpture competition 5 times. He has had exhibitions in France and Mexico and is known for his skills worldwide. With years of experience behind him he is now concentrating on delivering us beautiful carved pieces of the highly prized and sought after Mexican amber.

Carlos Preciat

Carlos Preciat Master Sculptor Carver

The maestro, Carlos Preciat, holding one of his award winning Mexican amber carving pieces.

Mexican amber carving

Carlos Preciat has such a developed skill from years of experience working with Mexican amber, not many artisans can achieve his level of detail.

Carlos Preciat bangle

A lot of Carlos Preciat’s work is also function, like this intricately designed Mexican amber bangle.

We are privileged to have Carlos Preciat supply us with his skilled works, so we can pass on these amazing pieces to the collectors of the world. We are currently having a sale of Carlos’ works in our store. You can offer over 25% off the retail price or more, but until Christmas only! Be quick and get yourself one of these unique and sought after art works while they are on sale!!

For those that prefer eBay – go to either one of our stores to see Carlos’ work and more.


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