Half Polished Red Dominican Amber 46.5g


Dominican Red amber
Dominican Red amber
Dominican Red amber
Dominican Red amber
Dominican Red amber

Half Polished Red Dominican Amber 46.5g


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A beautiful specimen of half polished 100% Dominican amber. It’s organic shape and semi polished sides highlight the unique intricacies of this incredibly lovely piece. This chunk of amber can be used to make an exquisite piece of jewelry or be an ideal addition to any collection. It displays vivid red colors when lit from behind or if held up to the sun. This red can turn into a rich green color with the right lighting conditions. The green we see is the fluorescent properties of Dominican amber and is best displayed on a dark background with side light.

Dominican amber is very special. It is the hardened resin from an extinct species of a broad leaved tropical tree that is found only in the Dominican Republic and is considered to be around 40 million years old.  While yellow and reddish amber is also found in the Baltic and parts of Mexico, including blue green tones Mexican amber is known for- the unique tones of blue,green and red found in the Dominican are to be found nowhere else on earth and are very rare even there.


Dominican Amber Half Polished

Grade: B

Weight: 46.5 grams

Length: 62.5 mm

Width: 60.6 mm

Depth: 18.5 mm

Color: Vibrant red with  green fluorescence

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Additional information

Weight 46.5 oz
Dimensions 63 × 61 × 19 in


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