Fantastic Mexican Amber Slice Earrings 16g


Mexican Amber Earrings
Mexican Amber Earrings
Mexican Amber Earrings
Mexican Amber Earrings
Mexican Amber Earring Slices 23.1 g

Fantastic Mexican Amber Slice Earrings 16g


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This beautiful paír of earrings is handmade and polished from one of a kind amber slices. They display a rich palette of colors with unique and interesting compositions of lines and curves made of botanical inclusions, highlighting the natural intricacies of the amber.

Mexican amber is between 22-30 million years old, is a warming, organic substance possessing protective, healing, and metaphysical properties that have been used by the local Mayans for generations.

This amber is sourced locally and hand selected by us in southern Mexico. It is then manually cut and polished in our lapidary shop. For you, this means that you are receiving a product crafted entirely by hand in 100% Chiapas amber. We do not outsource any part of the process to any third parties. When you buy from us, you are buying directly from the creators of these fine pieces, so place your order with confidence!


Mexican Amber Earring Slices

Grade: Jewelry

Total Weight: 16 g

Length: approx. 6.8 cm

Color: Honey with blue green daylight fluorescence


Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 68 in



Type of Mineral


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