Real Amber vs. Fake

Be Sure the Amber You Buy is Authentic When looking for 100% natural amber- rough, polished pieces, or jewelry- we recommend that you inspect it to be sure it is authentic to avoid buying fake or treated amber. There is plenty of fake amber out on the market, as well as amber that has been

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Amber with Inclusions

Millipede Inclusion in Chiapan Amber

 Inclusions in Amber Amber is the paleontologists and entomologists dream time capsule. Natural, organic amber is fossilized tree resin that often has encased and preserved bits and remnants of ancient Life. Amber with inclusions offers scientists a sneak peak into the ancestry of modern day plants, insects, and other animals. How it Happens Sticky, oozing

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Mexican Red Amber from Chiapas

Mexican Red Amber Pendants with Macrame Cord

Mexican Red Amber from Chiapas In this post we are delighted to share with you the beauty and attributes of Mexican red amber. Mexican Amber 101 Mexican amber that comes from the mines of Chiapas, Mexico has its own special succulence.  Chiapan amber comes in a rich palette of colors and tones ranging from champagne,

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How to Polish Amber

Let’s polish amber! Amber is a soft, organic gem and as such, it can be worked entirely by hand… cut, sawn, scraped, drilled, sanded, filed, carved, and polished… so it’s not surprising that many hand worked amber specimens from ancient times have been found all over the world. Here in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas,

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Properties of Amber

Amber Properties and Qualities Amber is a wondrous and time honored gem revered for it’s golden beauty and mysterious qualities. It is the fossilized tree resin from forests that lived 22-60 million years ago, and it is said that there is a ray of ancient sunlight captured in every piece. The existence of amber is alchemy at

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Mexican Amber – Let’s get familiar.

When asked the question, “Are you familiar with Mexican amber?”, most people answer, “No, I’m not.”  If they have heard of it, they associate it with another fossilized resin, copal, amber’s softer and less mature cousin.  Though it is not as well known as Baltic or Dominican, Mexican amber is bona fide, high quality amber. 

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