Cherry Red Mexican Fire Opals

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People have been loving our deep red fire opals, so we have had our buyer working extra hard to supply us with more of these rich, vibrant opals.  The opal is known as the national gemstone of Mexico and has been revered in these parts for centuries, with the ancient Mayans and Aztecs using the opal in rituals and art. They called the fire opal ‘quetzalitzlipyollitli’, the ‘stone of the bird of paradise’ and saw the opal as the symbol of ardent love. The opal is found in the Mexican highlands near extinct volcanos, with the best opals coming from the drier regions. Our Mexican fire opals have been sourced from the states of Jalisco and Querétaro. The Mexican fire opal  consists of silicic acid and a high water content, giving it the warm dynamic colors they are world renowned for. The rich red opals we now have in stock get their color from traces of iron oxide. The metaphysical properties of the Mexican fire opal include smoothing the path of change whilst encouraging progress, enhancing personal power and reenergizing body and mind. These Mexican fire opals come in a great range of shapes and sizes, perfect for individual jewelry pieces and other unique designs. Check out all our individual and opal collections here in our Opal page.


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